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Department of language training, pedagogy and psychology

The history of the department of language training, pedagogy and psychology begins in 1976, when the section of the Russian language was established in the Foreign Languages ​​Department.

In the 80s the section worked with foreign students from more than 70 countries. The total number of students was about 350 people.

In 1982 in order to deal with the increasing number of foreign students, the section was reorganized into the Russian language department.

A major role in the formation of the department as an independent structural unit was done by its first head - associate professor, P.h.D Vladimir Repkin. He professionally formed the staff of the department, its material, educational and methodological base.

In 1989 was introduced the course of the Ukrainian language, and later the discipline "Business Ukrainian language" for ukrainian first-year students of all specialties. The development of this course was carried out by the senior teachers of the department Grinchenko A. and

Drozdova I. Since that time the teachers of the department have been working with both foreign students and with ukrainian students.

1990 department of the Russian language was renamed to the Department of Ukrainian and Russian languages, which in 1991 was reorganized into preparatory department for foreign citizens. According to the content of the work in 2008 the name was changed to the department of language training, pedagogy and psychology.

At present time there are the following specialists work at the department:

Head of the department - professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences Rezvan O.

Associate Professor, P.h.D Zolotareva I.,

Associate professor, P.h.D Zhiglo A.,

Associate professor, P.h.D Khomyakova A.,

Senior teachers: Ponomarev A., Kiryanova E.,

Teachers: Malyukova A., Bondar Y.,

Senior laboratory assistant Blazhko T.

The specialists of the department teach such disciplines:

  • Russian as a foreign language;
  • Ukrainian in the professional field;
  • Psychology;
  • The fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology;
  • University education;
  • Methods of teaching in higher education;
  • Pedagogy and psychology of higher education;
  • Higher education in Ukraine and the Bologna process.

For the last ten years more than 300 articles, methodological developments and manuals have been prepared and published at the department.

Department of Ukrainian and Russian as foreign languages

The department began its history in 1991, when a preparatory department for foreign citizens was created at the Department of Ukrainian and Russian languages. In 1995, the preparatory department was allocated to a separate department - the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language. First Head of the Department was P.h.D. T. Mehedkina. From 1999 to 2007, the department was headed by P.h.D., Associate Professor Y. Prylutskaya. In 2007, the department was renamed to the Department of Ukrainian and Russian as foreign languages. In the same year, Valchenko I, P.h.D. became the Head of the department.  During years of work the teachers of the department have prepared more than 100 scientific articles, educational and teaching aids, dictionaries, developed computer training programs.

Foreign students, in addition to the Russian language, also study General Education disciplines, so the lessons of the preparatory department are conducted by experienced and highly professional teachers of the second departments of the university. In general, 23 specialists are involved in the training process, including 6 associate professors, 12 senior lecturers, 5 teachers.

For 19 years the department has prepared more than 1500 students from 22 countries of the world. The department trains future architects, engineers, economists, pharmacists, medics, sculptors, artists and philologists. The majority of graduates from the preparatory department continue their studies in various institutes of the country, some of them, having received higher education, continued their education in postgraduate studies and successfully gained a P.h.D.

The department has significant potential and opportunities for further high-quality and fruitful work

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