The sports life at the university is allocated to a separate building – the Department of Physical Education and Sports, a student sports club, a chess club, an intercollegiate club of cyclic sports, a club of martial arts, a tourist club, etc

The following sports sections are offered for university students:

  1. ArmSport - men's and women's teams.

  2. Basketball - men's and women's teams.

  3. Badminton - two men's and two women's.

  4. Volleyball - men's and women's teams.

  5. Gymnastics art - female.

  6. Martial Arts: Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle, sambo, judo - eight men's and two women's teams.

  7. Karate - mixed team (male and female).

  8. Athletics - a mixed team (female and male).

  9. Cross-country skiing - mixed team (women's and men's).

  10. Powerlifting is a men's team.

  11. Swimming - mixed two teams (female and male).

  12. Taekwon-do, kickboxing - two men's and one women's.

  13. Table tennis - mixed two teams.

  14. Fencing - mixed four teams (women's and men's saber, rapier, sword), 16 futsal - two men's teams.

  15. Chess, checkers - four mixed teams (female and male).

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